Mindy Roberts

Mindy Roberts Photo

Mindy Roberts brings a full and diverse toolbox into her residential real estate career; equipping her with an exceptional ability to advise buyers and sellers throughout the metro area at various price points and needs. Her unique perspective on the journey of home extends back to her childhood in Southwest Georgia, where she had a passenger's seat view of her father's custom carpentry business. Her natural inclination to roll up her sleeves and learn on the job quickly led to involvement in every aspect of the business, from client communication to hands-on work. Along the way, she developed a deep knowledge and passion for the home services craft and the people it serves.

After school, Mindy worked in commercial real estate throughout the metro area and Southeast, as well as international development projects in Central America. Her transition into residential real estate began with 2 years as an operations consultant developing tools and systems to optimize the client experience for buying and selling. As a licensed residential REALTOR, Mindy serves buyers, sellers, and investors throughout the metro area, specializing inside the Atlanta Perimeter (ITP).

In addition to helping her clients with their real estate needs, Mindy makes the most of the city she calls home, taking advantage of everyday adventures from urban farms to wellness retreats, yoga and nature dosing. A committed advocate for community involvement and service, she volunteers regularly for Meals On Wheels Atlanta and is actively involved in her neighborhood Capitol View.