Chrissy Neumann

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Working in corporate America, Chrissy Neumann gleaned the fundamentals of what it means to run a successful business and how to broker a win-win sales situation.  Since joining the real estate market, she's leveraged those skills to maximize her clients' investments while holding true to one underlying goal: to help others.

"I have a house to sell, just like they have a house to buy," she says. "There's no reason we can't figure something out to make both parties happy. Being compassionate goes a long way in this business."

Chrissy prides herself on an ability to quickly identify properties that satisfy exactly what her client's want, something she attributes to her in-depth knowledge of different Atlanta communities, like Smyrna and Sandy Springs. Neumann also brings to the table the perspective of a mother of five who understands what families are looking for.  "In addition, my tech-savvy team remains on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring our properties are the most visible homes in town," she adds.

Chrissy hopes and expects to continue building on her team's success, which will include an expansion of the group to further assist the whole of metro Atlanta.

"When you love what you do, it's easy to think about how you can maximize growth to help more people."

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