William Morillas

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I was born in Argentina and raised in the beautiful south of Spain, in Marbella. From a young age, I possessed a natural ability to connect with people, allowing me to easily establish relationships, a skill that has proven to be a valuable asset in my real estate career.

My educational path diverged from the norm, as I pursued a degree in electrical engineering in 2007. This experience helped me develop a problem-solving mindset, which has proved valuable throughout my career. Since I was 18 years old, I have been working, developing a strong work ethic, discipline, and dedication to hard work.

After years of electrical engineering work in both residential and commercial real estate, I was inspired by my siblings, who owned several real estate brokerages and developments and joined the real estate industry in 2011. I started by focusing on short-term holiday rentals, and in 2013, I joined a luxury beachfront real estate brokerage where I assisted international clients with buying, selling, renting, and managing their properties.

In 2015, I followed my passion for real estate and helping others from around the world by starting my own brokerage in Spain. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to establish a network of clients and contacts, allowing me to offer my clients the best possible service. Along with this, I developed and trained new agents who are currently succeeding as real estate agents. I was also able to lead investments on new developments and projects, from off-plan to delivery and after-completion services with the sister company of property management and Airbnb buy-to-rent Investments.

I met my beautiful wife in Spain, and we lived there together for eight years. After Covid, we decided to give it a  try living in the USA, and so we moved to Boulder, CO for one year before finally putting down roots in Atlanta, where my wife's family is located.

Now, I have joined Ansley Real Estate to continue my passion for real estate in the United States, specifically in the beautiful city of Atlanta. With a defined focus on top services, offering the highest standard of service by prioritizing the client's wants from start to finish and solving any issues in between. With my international real estate experience and Ansley Real Estate's reputation as one of the most valuable brokers in town, I am confident that I can deliver unique results to my clients from all over the world in the United States. 

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